Демчук Андрій Богданович
01.05.03 – математичне та програмне забезпечення обчислювальних машин і систем
Керівник (консультант): 
д.т.н., професор Литвин В.В.
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Demchuk A.B. Models and methods of software reliability assessment considering its architecture. – Manuscript.

Theses for Ph.D degree on technical sciences in specialty 01.05.03 – “Mathematical and software support of computer machines and systems”. – Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Lviv, 2015.

The thesis is devoted to development of software and algorithmic complex adaptation of video content for people with visual impairments, including improvement method audiodescription by searching free of dialogue and important sounds including scale the video content.

The mathematical representation of video software for visually impaired is based on the theory of coordination and spectral analysis. It was also powered architecture software and algorithmic complex adaptation of video content for people with visual impairments. For its creation was used modeling language UML. The method of finding free dialogues and other important sounds include video content, which serve to insert typhlocomments. Analyzed signal spectrum, and its correlation instant energy. With this we can define the main harmonic spectrum, and decide whether it is useful to us alert. The program examines the range of areas, and then calculates the correlation signal around. What correlation is higher the closer in tone to the desired point.

The paper describes the methods and algorithms of adapting video content using the method audiodescription. Based on the logic of the 1st order and associative rules developed rules for audiodescription typhlocommetars, ​​writers and sound engineers.

Solved current scientific and applied problems submitting video content in a format accessible to perception of people with visual impairments. Scientific novelty of the results is the theoretical grounding and practical implementation of software and algorithmic complex, designed to build, edit and adapt video content for people with visual impairments. The process of creating the adapted video content and configuration search algorithm places to insert typhlocomments. Approbation results of implementation of software system. A comparative analysis of experimental results.

Experimentally it was proved the feasibility of the method audiodescription to describe the scenes video content, which allowed 30% increase perception of video content to people with visual impairments.

Key words: complex algorithmic search include video-insertion typhlocomments, audiodescription, submitting video content for people with visual impairments, video content, defect of vision, is adapted video content.